Are you tired of putting off your music career?

Are you ready to take the next step towards becoming a better musician and accomplishing your musical goals and dreams?

If you are, then this article is for you.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 most helpful tips in accelerating your music career, putting you on the path towards long-term success.


The very first step in accelerating your music career is getting organized. If your goal is to make this into a full-time job with a full-time income, then you need to start treating it like one.

Create a music space in your house/apartment where all you do is work on your music. That way, you’ll be in the proper mindset every time you enter your music space.

Keep a detailed calendar to write down any appointments (and always show up early) regardless of if you’re meeting with someone who wants to make music with you or if this person could be your future manager.

Start a spreadsheet to keep track of your expenses. Yes, snacks and travel time count as expenses!

And of course, always meet your deadlines.


Setting goals is extremely important in advancing your music career. Whether you’re just starting out and have the goal to master a new scale in an hour or if you want to land 2 live shows this week at new venues, setting goals (realistic ones), is extremely helpful.

Plus, setting small goals and then achieving them, releases positive correlation endorphins, making you want to continue setting and succeeding in your goals even more.


Now you’ve gotten organized and you’ve set goals, what’s next?

You need to start showing up to places in person, putting yourself out there! Maybe this means going to a local bar with live music and talking with the musicians after their set. Even if this doesn’t turn into you joining their band or landing a gig at that venue, having more connections in the music industry will certainly help you go a long way.

Side note on this one: Don’t be afraid to ask the person who runs the bar if you can perform one night. Say you’ll even do it for free the first time so they have nothing to lose! No’s will happen every now and then. But that’s part of life. You accept it, practice more, and try again.


There are SO MANY social media outlets and websites out there now to help support musicians online. You don’t need to be on all of them. But you should choose one or two and stick to it. Have a place where fans can donate to you, listen to your music, and know where/when you’re playing.

Don’t use this as a substitute for having your own website, though. You should definitely build up your brand and have a main website which you manage and customize directly. However, having those one or two extra platforms gives you added credibility and helps people find your music from different sources.


Once you’ve followed the other 4 steps, you’re ready to make a team of like-minded individuals.

Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration!

Post in online chat rooms, go to meetups at local bars and find a team that’s going to help you be the best that you can be.

Your team could just be you and a manager. But it could also be a mentor, music teacher, drum player, bassist, agent, label, PR company, etc. Making a team is an essential step in helping you advance your music career. Plus, it’s more fun with other people involved anyways!